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S-8U63 - SONY BP-U Series DV Camcorder Battery Pack

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SONY PMW-EX1/3/F3/200/FS7 Compatible

Similar battery as SONY BP-U60
Display remaining power info


S-8U63 is the replacement battery for Sony BP-U60, complete compatible with SONY Camcorder PMW-EX1/EX1R/EX3/F3, PMW-100/200, and the latest PXW-FS7, PXW-X160/180. S-8U63 can exchange digital info with the camera, and display remaining power info on the camera viewfinder..

Li-ion battery pack of 14.4V nominal votage
◆ Complete compatible with SONY
◆ Display remaining power info on camera
◆ 63Wh / 4.4Ah capacity
◆ 4-level LED power indicator
◆ 14.4V D-tap DC output
◆ 5V/1A USB charging output
◆ Multiple circuit protections